You and Your Need for More Action

Do you sometimes feel that your life lacks the excitement and movement that you need? Sometimes you wish you have a park n shop coupon discount voucher to go on a travel abroad and try different adventures. Do you sometimes feel that you’re just stuck and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with life? If this is the case, and you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then perhaps what you need is a good television show to get you going.

But nope, a drama show won’t do the trick for you, nor will a comedy show. What you need is a show that will spike up your activity-oriented hormones and make you leap out of your seat, with a newfound resolve to take action in your life. (Yes, it’s kind of similar to what promo codes do to your otherwise dry sedentary world when you shop online.) What you need, then, is a good fill of excellent action shows. And you’re in luck, because this list is exactly what you need.

The Best Action Shows on TV

Daredevil just has to be on this list. Doing away with the Ben Affleck-ish feel, this TV show production was everything it promised you it would be. Clocking in at two seasons and counting, lawyer-by-day and crimefighter-by-night Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) seeks justice and gets into some wicked fight sequences in the process. Daredevil knows how to play things delightfully pulpy and season one has a masterclass in top rate villainy courtesy of Vincent D’Onofrio as intimidation personified in the role of Wilson Fisk.

Narcos is another action show that will definitely boost your hormones for excitement and activity. Reflecting the story of Pablo Escobar, the critically acclaimed crime thriller provides suspense, intensity and a surprising amount of yuks at a remarkably efficient pace. Somehow equally challenging and accessible, it’s the sort of drama you’ll burn through and then promptly try to rub on your gums.

And of course, there’s the show that has taken on an almost cult-level following: The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is every bit the post-apocalyptic nightmare it’s cracked up to be with a band of unlucky folks braving a zombie infected world. If things get to grim, you can always leer at Norman Reedus and have a think about whether or not you should devote you life to learning the art of the crossbow. The whole package is thrilling, grueling and an impressive amount of gross.

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