Comedy TV Shows

For anyone who needs a little pick me up, but does not really have much time to go out and buy comfort food, sometimes the easiest solution would lie in lazying around and watching a good television show. Often, the best choices come in the form of good comedy shows that will surely brighten up your day and lift your spirits, no matter how low they’ve sunk.

Sure, for some, the best kind of pick me up would probably be an opportunity to shop online, or to get a chance to have some sort of Amsterdam holiday, but again, those things would require you to shell out more money than you would like. For a cheap solution, here are a few comedy shows which you might find worth your while.

A Short List of Good Comedy Shows

Friends is one TV show that’s likely to top the list of good comedy shows. Although some might say it’s a bit overrated and a little too white, you just can’t deny that a good episode or two will definitely dispel any bad vibe you may have been having throughout the day. From classic episodes like “The One With the Embryos” and “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” to its sprawling cast of eccentric supporting characters, the enduringly funny Friends will be there for you when you need to kick back and forget about the real world for a while.

You might also want to watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend. The title might turn you off a little, perhaps because it reminds you of some failed romantic comedy with all its cliche plots and plot twists. But actually, this show is more than your ordinary comedy. It’s a genre bending show, which wittily tackles the nuances of mental health and its intricacies. You can actually learn from it while having a good laugh.

And lastly, for a third suggestion for comedy shows, try watching The Office (whether you pick the original UK production or the US production, it doesn’t really matter much – both are funny in an annoyingly cringing way.) With a boss who wants to connect with his underlings as the main character, the show helps you laugh away the troubles, because this boss is just so bad at doing what he wants to do.

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